About Me

I'm a french developer, mainly front-end. I like to mix code and graphic to get some nice interface.

I'm interested in artificial intelligence and transhumanism. Future ? Become a cyberbrain (πŸ‘»in🐚).

I love chocolate, cats and games.

My Stack

  • IDE: Atom.io, Visual Studio Code
  • Tools: Node.js, NPM, Yarn, Cordova, Gulp, Bower, Webpack, BrowserSync, Git, NW.js, ...
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, ActionScript3, Sass, JSON, XML, ...
  • Frameworks & Libs: AngularJS 1.5+, Angular2+, jQuery, Zurb Foundation, Bootstrap, Socket.io, Phaser.io, CreateJS, Leaflet, Moment, ...

Anyway I still learn/test new tools (like VueJS 2+ and React 15+) ! Give me some nice docs, exemples and I should be able to learn the new meta 😊.


Feel free to contact me on :