my name is

About Me

Hi ! I'm a french developer, mainly front-end. I like to mix code 👨‍💻 and graphic to get some nice interface.

I'm interested in artificial intelligence and transhumanism. Future ? Become a cyberbrain 🧠.

I love chocolate, cats 😸 and games.

My Stack

  • IDE: VSCode
  • Tools: Node.js, NPM, Git, Vite, BrowserSync, ...
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, SCSS, JSON, ...
  • Frameworks & Libs: Vue ❤️, Astro, Angular, React, Express, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Motion One, Lodash, Socket.io, Phaser.io, Leaflet, Moment, ...

Anyway I still learn/test new tools ! Give me some nice docs, exemples and I should be able to learn the new meta 😊.



  • Description: This website 😎
  • Source: github.com/cub/cubcubcub
  • Status: ✔️ active
  • Stack: Astro, TailwindCSS, Motion One, Cloudflare, Github


  • Description: A Discord bot that plays sounds.
  • Source: github.com/cub/motoko
  • Status: ✔️ active
  • Stack: Node.js, Discord.js, Docker, Fly.io, Github


  • Description: A game heavily inspired by Twinkle Star Sprites in HTML5, with multiplayer versus mode using P2P sockets.
  • Status: ✔️ half-active, 📅 2019-2020
  • Stack: Vue, Phaser, PeerJS

Cake is a lie

  • Description: An infinite rogue like in iso view and a maze generator with over 1000 tiles.
  • Status: 💤 paused, 📅 2017-2019
  • Stack: Vue, Phaser, Node.js